Welcome Lotophagi!

It took me a little while to decide how to name my blog. For anyone who truly knows me, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have settled on a title and username that is mythical and suggests creativity.

The lotus tree is a mythical plant that first appeared in Homer’s, “The Odyssey.” This tree bore fruit that when eaten by humans, had a drug like effect on them. The person no longer cared about loved ones or their native land. Instead they became content and only ate the fruit of the tree for the rest of their lives. These people where known as Lotophagi.

Now I am not saying that I am a Lotophagi, but I will attend to those who wish to lose themselves, even if for a moment of time, in my writings. Hence, why all of my comments and posts will be listed under the name Lotophagi Nymph.

Now please, sit back, relax and let yourself gaze upon my imagination.


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