For all you other writers out there – Try This

A cure to help writers block is to be able to step away from the subject you are writing about and to try something new. Even if you can only spare 5-10 minutes today, I want all you writers to try this! Then if you are feeling brave after your ten minutes are over, please share your writing with me! I would love to read some of your fresh ideas.

* Write from the point of view of anything not human–an insect, an android, a potato, a belly button. Try to invent and develop a diction that represents the frame of reference of this thing. For instance, if you are writing from the point of view of a shoe, it is likely to have extensive knowledge of and opinions about flooring, but a limited concept of the sky or human heads. (This exercise is from Janey Burroway’s book “Imaginative Writing.”)


“I feel everything with my whole body, from one end to the other.  I move slowly taking in all of the textures and all the while feeling for something to eat. Sometimes jagged sharp  parts poke into me from above and below. The pokes from below are usually caused by the rocks uncomfortable edges. Most of the time the jabs from above come from a fish or another animal larger than me but moves the same way I do, I am intended to be its meal. I like to suck rocks into my mouth and spit them back out while I am looking for something good to eat. My five arms help me move around the sandy,watery world I live in. Sometimes I can get into trouble and one of my arms will become seriously injured, I can grow mine back. I have been told that from up above I am full of bright beautiful colors.  I hate it when creatures talk to me this way. I do not have eyes and therefore, have no idea what a color is, let alone any thing called bright and beautiful. My world is harsh but it is the only one I know. Without my sense of touch, I would be forever lost. All I want to do is make it through the day and hope that my next mouth full of sand has some food in it! ”

-Being a starfish came out to be a little more depressing than what I thought it would be.


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